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      Forging as a process in machine-making includes the forming and shaping of the malleable parts of machinery, welding or joining pieces together, the preparation of implements for forging and finishing, tempering of steel tools, and usually case-hardening."The Commanding Officer,

      Gast he muttered.

      The man did not respond."We have plenty of them; but many of us fall by the treacherous shooting of the civilians; they are swine, swine! And these Belgian women ... they are the dirtiest bitches ... beastly swine...."

      "Well, so I can," Isidore smiled. "I am not going to offer to lend that young man money, because that would wound his pride. Besides, there will be no occasion. Now, can you let me know the name of Bruce's creditor."

      "De Tijd, sir; here is my press-card."


      The variation of dimensions which are sensible to the touch at one ten-thousandth part of an inch, furnishes an example of how important the human senses are even after the utmost precision attainable by machine action. Pieces may pass beneath the cutters of a milling machine under conditions, which so far as machinery avails will produce uniform sizes, yet there is no assurance of the result until the work is felt by gauges.CHAPTER XL. INVENTION.


      Hath Justice turned approving eyes on him;